Perfect Skin, Hair and Nails Juice


You’re probably thinking, OK Beata, a juice can’t possibly provide me with all those things in one — perfect hair, skin and nails? That’s a long shot! AmIright? Well my cynical senorita, it’s true! I’ve toted the benefits of guzzling greens in the past, but drinking a juice filled with skin, hair and nail-supporting nutrients in particular can really make a big difference. Of course, consistency is KEY. You probably won’t notice the results after just one try (though you may experience a pleasant surge in energy — I apologize in advance). I’ve been drinking this green juice everyday for about a week and I’m already starting notice improvements, especially in my skin! Here is the rundown of the ingredients and why they’re so beauty-forward. 

PS. a note about green juice — it’s very important that you are knowledgeable of every juices’ ingredients and their benefits/possible side-effects. I had a client that was drinking a juice filled with raw kale and broccoli and it turned out she had a hypothyroid which, in her case, was detrimental to her as she should have been restricting all foods with goitrogens (phytocompounds in plants that inhibit human thyroid function).

Cucumber — Cucumbers are packed full of silica, which is a mineral abundant in nearly every single cell of your body. It’s in your joints, nails, muscles and every single strand of hair. By topping up our reserves with this nourishing mineral, we can promote healthy hair and nail growth. 

Celery — Celery is an important source of vitamins A, C, and E which act as potent antioxidants by reversing and protecting against free radical damage known to promote pre-mature ageing. Vitamin A delays signs of aging whereas vitamin E keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated from within. Celery is also a good source of skin-friendly minerals like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and potassium, which keep your skin youthful and glowing. 

Lemon — Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and lemons are packed with it. Vitamin C also plays a major role in collagen production which promotes healthy, supple, youthful skin. Vitamin C is one of my go-to beauty nutrients so it makes sense that lemon made the ingredients list! 

Romaine Lettuce — Romaine lettuce doesn’t get enough attention – IMO! I consider it a neutral leafy green because it doesn’t contain phytonutrients that may pose as problematic for some (i.e. spinach contains high levels of oxalic acid, kale contains high levels of goitrogens etc.) It’s beauty benefits are undeniable, to boot! Romaine lettuce is rich in vitamin A and potassium which both work in our beauty favor. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant while potassium helps balance liquid in our bodies preventing water retention. Plus, romaine is incredibly water dense and we know that a dehydrated body = dry, lack-lustre skin. 

Pineapple — Not only is pineapple juice DELICIOUS, it’s also a rich source of enzymes, particularly bromelain which helps fight inflammation (watch out, acne!) and aids in digestion. 

Ginger — I consider ginger a beauty superfood! Its anti-inflammatory properties aid in healing/controlling breakouts plus ginger is a strong digestive aid and good skin, hair and nails are a result of a healthy digestive system. Plus, ginger boosts energy and we know how beneficial moving the booty is to our beauty. 

There you have it! Sip on this juice consistently and you’ll notice a difference in your skin, hair and nails in no time. 



1 large cucumber (or 3-4 small cucumbers)

1 celery stalk 

1/2 lemon, peeled 

2 cups romaine lettuce 

1/2 cup fresh pineapple 

thumb-sized ginger root, peeled


First juice the cucumber and celery as the base then juice the remainder of the ingredients. 



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