5 KEY Nutrients For Silky, Healthy Hair!

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There’s a reason why we can’t go a single commercial break without watching a blond bombshell flaunt her long luscious locks. And that’s because we’ve been conditioned into thinking that a thick head of hair reflects good health and vitality (and in a way it does).    Much to our vain dismay, however, healthy hair… [keep reading]

Creamy Coconut, Carrot and Ginger Soup


If you’re a ginger nut like me, you’re going to <3 this recipe. The spice of the ginger and the creaminess of the coconut makes this soup a true winter staple. Plus, the overload of carrots adds a major nutritional punch, particularly vitamin A for healthy, glowing skin. The addition of the nutritional yeast boosts… [keep reading]

Natural Ways to Cope w/ Flight Anxiety (Tested and True by Me!)


The thought of flying just doesn’t jive with me. In fact, my body is so reactive to its own distaste for flying that it becomes paralyzed at the very thought. I’m generally an anxious person to begin with. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and panic disorder in my last year of University and it’s… [keep reading]