My philosophy


I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and firm believer that you are what you eat, think and put on your body. But what does that really mean?

You are what you eat

The quality of the food you consume affects your well-being – it really is that simple! Our bodies are like well-oiled lovely little machines and the nutrients found in food not only fuel the machine but they also help to make up its pieces. But not all foods are created equal. Only natural, living, high quality foods can provide us the high quality nutrients that we need to feel our best and be our healthiest.

  • Natural: as in unprocessed, unrefined…
  • Living: meaning that its enzymes are still – you guessed it – alive! Sprouts or fermented foods like sauerkraut are great examples…
  • High Quality: grown in soil rich in essential nutrients and stored, transported, preserved and consumed in such a way to maximize nutritional value (organic, pesticide-free, no synthetic fertilizers, non-GMO and so on)…

You are what you think

Your noggin’ is made to do more than just solve math problems. Our thoughts, emotions and consciousness have a huge impact on our health and well-being. In other words, we manifest our thoughts and feelings into reality. So what we think and feel, we ultimately become. You can chug as much green juice as you want but if your mind is suffering, so too will your body. A positive, happy and fulfilled mind = a healthy, energetic, glowing you.

You are what you put on your body

More than 50% of what you slather on your skin gets absorbed like a sponge into the bloodstream and liver – that’s a lot! Most beauty products on drug store shelves are chock full of toxic chemicals, preservatives and colors that wreak havoc on our internal systems at a cellular level. And when the insides aren’t in balance, our outsides suffer.

What this means for you

Eating clean, thinking clean and living clean are more than just tools to optimal health, together they represent a lifestyle, a way of life that begins by slamming your fist down and saying “ENOUGH!” with counting calories, fad diets and quick fixes, and instead embracing a simpler, cleaner, “whole”-istic approach to achieving your goals – whether that be losing weight, clearing acne or boosting energy.

It’s my hope that my blog will educate you on how to adopt this approach, empower you to reach your goals and inspire you to make the necessary changes to lead you to a healthier, happier, blemish-free, more glowing you — without compromising taste!

For those seeking a push in the right direction…

What I can do for you

A “one size fits all” approach rarely works in any aspect of life and it certainly doesn’t work when it comes to nutrition! Every single person on this planet is unique right down to their jeans – ahem – genes. As an alternative health care professional, I will evaluate you as a whole and get to the root of your unique issues by assessing your physical, mental and spiritual self. We’ll highlight several key issues, imbalances or deficiencies that I will address via personal meal plans, lifestyle suggestions and appropriate supplementation. The best part is that I’ll be supporting you in this journey, each step of the way, to offer encouragement and counselling as you begin your lifestyle transformation.

Are you ready?

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