Who am I?


Hi! Beata here, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), natural beauty advocate, juicing ninja (hi-ya!) and true believer in all things whole foods. I am a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) where I received the Award of Excellence and highest GPA. I have a Certificate in Public Relations from Humber College and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from McMaster University. Oh, and I’m a freelance writer! You can find my writings in lifestyle magazines like Together Magazine, national websites like InsideToronto.com (as a resident health blogger) and holistic health blogs like The Naked Label.

But enough about me…

Who is she?

“She” = you

You’re probably where I was just a few short years ago: you generally eat well but something isn’t quite right. You feel stuck. Tired. And somewhere deep inside there’s an ache. An itch that you just can’t scratch. That neglected inner you is crying out for a change and it’s damn well time you listened!

Because you can change. You have to.

And I’m living proof…

Throughout most of my young adulthood I placed major emphasis on outer beauty. As a fashion model, I did whatever it took to fit into a sample size, to look my best in front of the camera no matter the cost. I quickly learned that no matter how many hours I spent at the gym or counting calories, I ended up feeling unsatisfied, deprived, tired and moody. Not surprisingly, my self-confidence plummeted as my body image deteriorated! Code red! And it only got worse as I transitioned into a career in public relations where 12-hour workdays were the norm not the exception.

My health and happiness were now firmly on the backburner: “tomorrow will be the day I start that health kick,” I told myself. Yeah right.

My wake-up call came about when I got hit with serious digestion problems. We’re talking BALLOON BELLY 24/7. No how matter how little I ate – BAM! – gas, bloating and eventually serious anxiety to the point where I was afraid to leave the house. With little help from my doctors, I finally decided to take my health into my own hands.

After rigorous research, I found the source of ALL my problem: my fridge.

I immediately bought my first juicer (good ole Jack Lelane), replaced boxed cereals for sprouted whole grains, BBQ chicken for wild fish and sugary treats for organic fruits and vegetables. And you know what? I felt better! Actually, I felt great! Not only did my belly and mood improve but my skin began to glow! My poor ProActive bottles never felt so neglected (yeah, they got tossed in a New York minute).

I became naturally addicted to my newfound energy, smooth skin and functional gut and became invigorated by sharing this newfound knowledge with others! Which is why I launched…

She Lives Clean

Eat clean, think clean, live clean.

Whole, natural, unrefined, unprocessed foods have a huge impact on how we feel and look. They house all the building blocks that our bodies need to properly grow and function so why wouldn’t we look to food for healing and restoration? Too often nowadays we fill our bellies with “edible food stuffs” that have been so distanced from their natural state that they’ve lost almost all of their healing powers! It’s no wonder then that the root cause of so many of our health problems is EMPTY FOOD. But it doesn’t stop there! How we think is just as impactful on our health. And the products we put on our skin? Yah, dermal destruction! And while the world is finally catching on to this not-so-secret secret, there is always more work to be done.

So I encourage you to ditch the lifestyle that doesn’t serve you, embrace food the way nature intended, alter your negative mindset, and grow into a new, glowing, beautiful you.